Our Team

Our Team

Meet our core workforce: a devoted crew of Pipefitters, Plumbers, Pipeliners, Welders, and HVAC Service Technicians that average 17 years of experience rising in the industry. Best Mechanical is a signatory to the United Association Local 502 (Pipefitters and Plumbers), which means we gain access to a highly-skilled, diverse labor force. This empowers us to grow our team’s numbers exponentially at a moment’s notice.

Every Pipefitter, Plumber, Pipeliner, Welder, and Service Technician we employ is licensed and field-certified. Our team members are exceptionally trained to perform quality work for our customers, any time and anywhere.

360 F 346936114 Raxe6oqogebgawtale1mysey1hbb5qpm Joe Heger

A former U.S. Army Officer with 31 years of experience in the electrical industry. Joe is a proud service leader, dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers and empowering our team members. Additionally, Joe serves as the Vice President of Best Mechanical’s sister company, United Electric.

360 F 346936114 Raxe6oqogebgawtale1mysey1hbb5qpm Jim Pontrich

A Master Pipefitter with 40 years of industry experience. Jim co-founded Best Mechanical in 2009. Jim’s knowledge elevates Best Mechanical’s ability to serve our customers, offering an unparalleled industry understanding of HVAC and process piping applications.

360 F 346936114 Raxe6oqogebgawtale1mysey1hbb5qpm Adam Pontrich

A West Point graduate and former U.S. Army Combat Engineer Officer with a master’s degree in Engineering Management. Adam brings forward expert knowledge and experience leading major organizations, synchronizing operations, and delivering superior results.